Sankofa Danzafro’s The City of Others

Available from February 6 at 8:00 PM - February 13 at 11:59 PM








If you redeemed your Access Code more than 10 minutes before the
start time, please refresh your page to watch the performance.


The video's player controls appear at the bottom of the player when you hover over the video player. More information is found below the picture

The video player controls

Fast Forward and Rewind: When you hover, you will see a blue line with a dot at the end. Click the dot and drag it forward to fast forward, or back to rewind

Below this fast forward/rewind bar, you will see the other video controls.

Left side of the player (from left to right)

  • Play button (triangle)
  • Volume: Megaphone. When muted, a line appears diagonally through the megaphone icon. Click the icon to turn on the volume
  • Time code

Right side of the player (from left to right)

  • Subtitles: Click the rectangle, and select English if you would like to watch the videos with subtitle captions.
  • Video Definition: Select the gear to choose the video quality (from HD 1080 to lower resolution 480). If your video is buffering (or if there is a spinning circle in the middle of the player), select a lower resolution to use to watch.
  • Fullscreen: Cick the final icon to watch the video in full screen.


Sankofa Danzafro’s The City of Others

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Access Passes: $15-$45, Pay-what-you-wish in $5 increments

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